Why Franchise with

Altered States?

This is your opportunity to pioneer the frontier of biohacking by empowering individuals worldwide to reach peak performance and optimal well-being. Harness groundbreaking technologies and nature's wisdom to unlock the human body's and mind's full potential, ensuring everyone can feel and perform at their best. With an industry growth rate of 8% annually, there is vast untapped market potential.

Providerless = Minimal Staff

In-Person Training At Your Location

High Margins & Recurring Revenue

Ongoing Training & Support

Weekly 1-on-1 Onboarding Support

Our Process


Opportunity Overview

Discover the transformative potential of our franchise model, explore the holistic services we offer, and understand the benefits of joining our thriving wellness community.


Brand Review & Meet the Team

Gain an in-depth understanding of our visionary brand and values while connecting with the passionate team leading the charge in holistic well-being.


Franchise Application

Complete and submit a detailed application showcasing your alignment with our mission to provide a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.


Franchise Approval

Receive your official approval, marking the beginning of your journey to help others find peace and vitality through our transformative therapies.


Franchise Agreement Signing & Fee Submission

Sign the franchise agreement and submit the initial fee, solidifying your commitment to offering a sanctuary of holistic wellness.


Onboarding Training & Site Selection

Engage in comprehensive training and receive expert guidance in choosing the perfect location to bring our wellness solutions to your community.


Grand Opening

With ongoing support from our dedicated team, prepare for and celebrate your grand opening as you welcome and transform the lives of your first clients!

Franchise Financial


Franchise Fee


Liquid Requirement


Net Worth*


*Start-up Investment

Start-Up Investment


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